The GlobalPlatform TEE Hackathon attracted over 60 students and developers from the IoT, security, and fintech sectors to throw their best ideas at the TEE ecosystem, to create the kind of innovative use cases and prototypes that can safely and swiftly usher us into the future of connectivity that we’ve all been talking about. They were invited to compete for cash prizes and the chance to present their trusted applications to TEE experts at the GlobalPlatform TEE Conference. Twelve (12) applications and projects were developed. Each team was provided a Bus Blaster debugging tool connected to a Raspberry Pi 3 loaded with the TEE virtual machine.

Grand-Prize Winner: SafeHaven

Subhash Gutti and Gowda Harish are the developers behind SafeHaven. Their invention is a gateway system that denies or grants access remotely, instantly and securely to IoT devices. A secure multi-user solution for IoT devices, it impressed judges as it has two trusted applications in the TEE (one securing the user credentials and one controlling user access to IoT devices) as well as two mobile applications (one performing administration and one performing user functionality). Future development includes a framework and SDK with customized solutions for industries (hotels, hospitals, office) and form factors.

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First Runner Up: Rolling IDs

Rolling IDs was developed by Piotr Oleszkiewicz, founder and CEO of Revealo, a startup focusing on producing small wearable asset trackers. He was joined by Ardy Forouhar and Daniel Ei to create the TEE project. The TEE technology helps to improve privacy and device security for personal safety and asset tracking in Revealo’s existing prototypes. The project successfully demonstrated how TEE technology can host and run an algorithm that ensures a privacy-by-design tracking mechanism. Only authorized systems can track the continual changing device ID.

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Second Runner Up: TuffPass

TuffPass, created by full-stack fintech developers Mike Lagomarsino and Harvey Chan, is a TEE-based consumer object designed to create, store, and retrieve strong passwords. Users send a text to a Twilio number to create or retrieve the strong password. Future work includes a native Android application and open source the trusted application server for increased adoption and improved security auditing.

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