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Grand Prize Winner: SafeHaven

SafeHaven is a secure multi-user solution for IoT devices. It secures user-credential and user-access in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). User administration is handled by a Trusted Application (TA) inside TEE enclave. Users communicate with IoT devices using encrypted commands within a secured session. Separate mobile applications are provided to perform Administration and User tasks.

"Currently granular access of IoT devices is very difficult. Let's consider an example of AirBnB rental. I have automated my house and I want to securely provide access to guests but also revoke it when the guest checks out. It is currently very difficult and existing solutions are unsecure. The same problem can be applied to the hospitality industry and office buildings. The user of our product can enable and revoke access on the fly and control access granularity."

Safe Haven

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First Runner Up: Rolling IDs

Piotr Oleszkiewicz from Revealo, Daniel Ei and Ardy Forouhar won the First Runner-Up prize. The project employs an innovative identity protection algorithm implemented within the Trusted Execution Environment. It provides time dependent, rolling identity (think of a bank access token) for wireless devices utilizing wide range of wireless technologies. The algorithm is designed for use in smart location services, personal protection and asset tracking. Highlights of this implementation include operating offline as well as sharing access to the device identity in a time limited manner with other parties. Sharing is protected not just by trust but also with cryptography.

"5.5 million people in the US suffer from Alzheimer's disease; 3 out of 5 will walk out of their home and get lost. Every year 260 000 children are kidnapped in the US, 60 000 by complete strangers. Moreover, millions of dollars in assets are lost or stolen in all industries annually. Existing solutions include BLE or RFID that lack privacy and GSM/GPS which lacks power efficiency. We provide a rolling identity for wireless identification, based on a multi-stage cryptographic algorithm. This algorithm allows time limited location sharing with authorized parties while appearing random to bystanders. The system is designed for security, by not using a single key that could unlock the whole system. The key operations are performed within TEE, assuring safety to users."

Rolling IDs

Rolling IDs Youtube Interview on GlobalPlatform

Second Runner Up: TuffPass

TuffPass generates memorable passphrases entirely in the secure TEE area of supported devices and is encrypted at all times. Unlike other password managers, the data is not synced to third parties, and no additional software or hardware is required. The encrypted passphrases are retrieved by the user, anytime and anywhere, by sending a text message from a verified phone. All the while, the TuffPass device is stored in a secure location, under the user’s complete control!

"Coming up with passwords that are secure and remembering them is a major pain. Often people use a notepad or a text file on their computer to save the passwords. Text files stored on the hard drive can be insecure, notepads can be lost, and password manager services can be compromised. Our project utilizes encrypted communication through Twilio to securely generate and store passwords in the TEE persistent data store."


TuffPass Youtube Interview on GlobalPlatform


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