Challenge Sponsorships

A "Challenge" involves the Challenge Sponsor's product being available for use by the developers to build prototypes.

  • The products fit into one of the three categories, hardware / platform, developer tool, or a network service

The Challenge Sponsor judges the developers' prototypes produced that take up their challenge.

  • The Challenge Sponsor may recruit additional judges

Multiple Challenge Sponsorships are available.

  • Developer Teams may accept multiple challenges that are not mutually exclusive
  • We are looking for a Sponsor with name recognition that will draw developers and get media attention

Hardware / Platform Challenge - $4,500

  • The Challenge sponsor is given leeway on strict TEE specification support with the understanding that the challenge may be on hardware / platform that is outside of TEE specifications
    • It is desirable for the hardware / platform be GlobalPlatform TEE Compliant
    • A TEE Trusted Application must be part of the developed prototype

Developer Tool Challenge - $4,000

  • The Developer Tool is expected to be GlobalPlatform TEE Compliant
  • With the proper agreements in place and GlobalPlatform Compliance obtained, information on the Developer Tool will be included in the GlobalPlatform Developer Outreach

Network Service Challenge - $4,000

  • The Network Service is expected to be compliant to GlobalPlatform TEE network APIs, for example the Sockets API
  • A TEE Trusted Application must be part of the developed prototype

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • The Challenge Sponsor announces and presents the prize to the Hackathon WInners on stage at TEE Seminar
    • The Challenge Sponsor is listed in the TEE Seminar program
  • Invited to provide a pre-hackathon mentor and participate in a webinar to promote the technology via Q&A and video calls on the hackathon platform
  • NOTE: Sponsor not listed on Seminar registration website or other materials, as they are not directly sponsoring the TEE Seminar
    • See Booth Sponsorship add-on below for more TEE Seminar presence

Responsibilities of Sponsorship

  • The Challenge prize should be of enough value to draw developer teams
    • The challenge should not be too difficult to produce a prototype in two days
  • The Challenge sponsor is responsible for at their own expenses (in addition to the sponsorship fee) including:
    • The challenge product, whether it be hardward or software
    • The prize for the challenge
    • Technical support/developer evangelist either on-site or available remotely during the hackathon

Add-on TEE Seminar Booth Sponsorship - $3,500

  • This sponsorship is AN ADDITION to either the Prize or Challenge sponsorship packages
    • These sponsorships allow Hackathon sponsors to purchase a booth at the TEE Seminar at a discount
    • The prototype shown in the TEE Seminar booth is required to be developed during the TEE Hackathon
    • The Sponsor decides which prototype(s) to show in the booth
  • Multiple Available - based on booth availability at the TEE Seminar
  • The Sponsor is included in the TEE Seminar program as a booth sponsor
    • NOTE: Sponsor not listed on Seminar registration website or other materials
  • The prototype is showcased to the TEE Seminar audience at the booth
    • Attendance at the TEE Seminar in 2015 was 175 professionals representing 94 companies





Sept. 20th, 22nd, and 29th - Pre hackathon webinars

October 7 - Opening Ceremonies: welcome, introduction to technologies, hackathon platform demo, idea pitches and team formation.

October 8-9 - Hackathon

October 13 - Annual TEE Conference

  • The top three will have the opportunity to present their applications to a 200 member delegation of the connected device industry's key stakeholders like Visa, Ericcson and ARM, as well as TEE experts, solution developers, software vendors, device manufacturers and mobile network operators from around the world!
  • All hackathon participants who would like to attend the conference will receive a code to register at no cost.


Grand Prize Sponsor

Platform Sponsor

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