Sponsorship Benefits

All sponsors of the TEE Hackathon will receive the following benefits:

  • Your company name and/or logo on all Hackathon marketing materials from the time Sponsorship starts
    • Press Releases
      • Press Release publically announcing the event
      • Press Release publically announcing the winners
    • TEE Hackathon Website (www.teehackathon.org)
    • Hackathon Development Platform
    • Registration Page
  • Company name and/or logo on a Hackathon shirt and bag given to all participants
    • 80 and 100 participants will compete
      • Engineers, designers, idea generators, and industry experts
      • Each participant will have your company's name and/or logo on new shirt and bag
  • Company name and/or logo on Photo Wall used for press and marketing photos at the TEE Hackathon


Sponsorship Categories


Sponsors of 2016 TEE Hackathon

Grand Prize Sponsor:

Heekwan Lee, Principle Security Engineer, Samsung, Judge

"In the age of mobile and IoT devices, the importance of secure operations and transactions of applications, backed by hardware security, is recognized more than ever. Trusted applications are playing an important role to enhance the operational and transactional security. I believe that this hackathon will be a catalyst for recognizing the importance of trusted applications, TEE and hardware-backed security." Henry Lee, vice president of security R&D for Samsung Mobile.

Platform Sponsors

Sequitur Labs

Phil Attfield, CEO, Sequitur Labs, Mentor

"The TEE is poised to become the standard for ensuring device integrity, data confidentiality and authenticity for IoT devices. It is imperative for developers to understand this technology and learn to develop applications that utilize it. The two barriers to adopting any new technology are cost and accessibility. The Raspberry Pi addresses both issues admirably. The TEE Hackathon event provides the opportunity to engage with and train developers. It provides a forum for developers to learn about TEE use cases specific to the IoT market."

Mike Hendrik, VP of Prod Dev, Sequitur Labs, Mentor & Judge

Event and Technology Sponsor:

Global Platform

Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform, Judge & Mentor

"It was an exciting time to join together TEE expert and embedded developer of the Silicon Valley. GlobalPlatform objective in setting up this hackathon was to allow developers to implement ideas on TEE. I must say that the result has been outstanding: developers have been able to develop quickly secure applications with good prototype of their impressive ideas." Gil Bernabeu, Technical Director."



Grand Prize Sponsor

Platform Sponsor

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Grand Prize Sponsor

Platform Sponsor

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